Guide to becoming an amateur radio operator

When you join the amateur radio community, you will find many people, near by, and around the world, that are eager to help.  Becoming a HAM operator is pretty darn EASY.  Remember this isn't just a hobby, in the case of emergency your community may need you as a backup communication resource.

Beginning amateur radio is as simple as getting 26 correct answers, on a 35 question multiple choice test.  Below is a list of links and resources that will hopefully help you.


Starting amateur radio Links:

Getting your technician license -ARRL 

How to get your ham radio license in 7 days - Tinhat Ranch 


Study For The Exam

There are a lot of ways you can study for your test.  Tons of resources are available, that will fit every individuals learning style.


Get the manual:

After you pass the test, this manual will be a useful resource.  Make sure you get the latest version.

ARRL Technician Ham Radio License Manual


Exam practice websites: 


Smart phone apps:

These are very useful for studying.  You can study while standing in line, or on work breaks.

 Android : "ham test prep"

 Iphone: "Ham Tech"


Take The Test

Locate an exam location and date near you:

Remember to register with the organizers so they can prepare for you. 

Find An Amateur Radio License Exam Session Near You - ARRL

SCICSG (Columbus) Free Testing 


Purchase Some Modest equipment

So many Choices and Opinions. Entry level radios start at $35. 




More advice links on your first radio choice: 

Don't forget to ask your local Ham operator. 


Check your choice on the EHam review website: reviews are a good way to ensure your purchase won't dissapoint .


Key up the microphone and TALK

Don't be shy Ham operators are very nice folks.  They will gladly guide and coach you.  

The closest open repeaters within 50 miles of Brown County - Repeaterbook


If you don't get a contact right away keep trying

Younger Ham checks into an ARES net


If you get through these steps Congratulations!!!  Your now a bona fide ham radio operator.  We can't wait to talk to you.